Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Local pork Sausage

Last night I made a spaghetti sauce for dinner using home canned tomato's local carrot,garlic,onion and green peppers(from the freezer) and a little bit of honey(ours).Then I made some whole wheat fettuccine from ww flour from Maine.I had bought sausages from Beaulieu farm in Fairhaven Ma. They were sweet sausages and the were Delicious, I have in the past bought pork from local farms and a few times I had pieces that were very strong and gamy but these were Great!!Also a salad of local greens &microgreens and a salad dressing with local cider vinegar and maple syrup.Tonight we had the pasta again with some three bean salad I canned this summer. This morning we had local oatmeal grown in Maine with local syrup and local dried cranberries. I am focusing on eating local as much as possible this week we have such a stockpile of food in the freezer and shelves of canned goods.