Sunday, February 28, 2010

A local food sunday

Today has been almost a totally local day. We started the day with pancakes. They were made with whole wheat from Maine, Cornmeal from mass,and Rye from Rhode Island. Maple Syrup from Maine. Lunch was leftover chicken and dumplings, the chicken and carrots were local. Dinner was clam chowder,Hubby dug clams this summer,local potatoes from web of life farm in carver,onions also local. Brown bread with cornmeal from RI,Whole Wheat from Maine and Rye also grown in Rhode Island and local dried cranberries,not local was leavening and molasses.Our salad had mizuna from silverbrook farm in dartmouth,lettuce from red fire farm in Granby Ma.Dried cranberries from Plymouth Ma.Microgreens from E&T farm in Barnstable.The dressing was cider vinegar and maple syrup from Maine(bought on vacation) garlic. Not local olive oil and mustard. Dessert is a fruit crisp of razzberries we picked in Sharon Ma. this summer Strawberries from Plympton and Blueberries from King farm in Pembroke ma.(we barted clams for bluberries.)It is amazing how local a meal in February can be. I am surprised at how often I sit down and realize we had an almost totally local meal with out planning it. Anything I show from Maine was bought on vacation. I consider food I buy on vacation as local since I am transporting it.

winters famers market in Wayland mass

Yesterday we went to the last winter farmers market of the season at Russells garden center in Wayland ma. It was great tons of people,the freshest tastiest veggies. I bought lettuce, micro greens,kale,the biggest carrots I have ever seen and they are so sweet,parsnips,celery root,shallots,and a red onion. I also bought from Winter Moon farm from Hadley ma. Organic heirloom cornmeal that was ground that morning by pedal power, the corn was also grown on ma. This probably has to be the greenest food product I have ever bought. Things they had that I did not buy,fish,beef,pork,eggs,dressings,jams,honey,gelato and pastries. The pictures are from winter moons table.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

homemade mozzerella

Today I made homemade mozzerella,the best yet.i used milk from the pawtucket farmers market.It turned to curds faster than any other time I have made it. Then I decided to try mozzerella sticks.They were very tasty.They were partially local, milk,egg,bread,the tomato sauce was not local.