Sunday, May 29, 2011

White Meal

This week I roasted a 6 lb chicken needless to say we ate alot of chicken.I came across this recipe for chicken terrapin in a cookbook from Landis museum in Lancaster Pa.I had never seen a recipe similar.This recipe had no measurements like we would use today.It started out with a couple of cup fulls of roasted chicken in a frying pan then a cupful of heavy cream,then A pinch of cayenne,clove,mace,nutmeg and mustard powder.Simmer for a while till thickens then add a wineglass full of wine, I used sherry(don't forget to take pan off heat while adding wine)then simmer a little more till thick.We also had the sweetest parsnips followed by a dessert of rhubarb pie.So a meal that was delicious but no prize for beauty on the plate.I am also showing a picture of are bees from Friday.It was very hot and they were as cranky as I was.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

YEAH!!! Asaragus season

Tonight we had pan seared scallops with maple cream sauce and asparagus.We obtained the local asparagus from the Pawtucket farmers market on Saturday along with the Bomster scallops.Bosmster scallops are from stonington Ct.they are shucked and rinsed in seawater and then vacuum packed right on the boat.They do not sit on ice absorbing water they also are not rinsed in preservatives.They are so delicious.The maple cream sauce is made by reducing down a cup of heavy cream in a pan on med high heat by a third then adding 2Tbls maple syrup and 1 TBls dijon mustard.I pan sear the scallops in olive oil with pepper for a few minutes each side till just opaque.Great local spring meal.

Hi Shelby I heard you have been reading the blog.