Thursday, November 6, 2008

fresh chicken , what I have learned

This week I picked up 4 chickens at the farm where I always get my chickens. I took three apart and packaged and froze the meat then used the carcass's to make the best chicken broth ever. I went to roast the last bird a little over 6 lbs, It's legs were sticking straight up to the sky and I had a hard time tying them together. After it was done cooking the leg did not wiggle as it should. I know the first year I was told to let them relax a few days before cooking so they would relax. I roasted the bird on Wednesday and it was killed on Sunday and I guess it was still in rigor. I read more on this and it says to have the chicken set for a few days, but I guess this one needed more time. We could not even cut the dark meat and the white wasn't very tender. I hope the ones i froze will be better. I have never had this happen before although sometimes the legs are tough but I attribute that to them being able to run around. We had the white meat reheated in gravy tonight and it was O.K. I ground more up for chicken croquettes for tomorrow. Still some meat left not sure what that will turn into. It may be tough but I will not waste food so I will make it edible with a little creativity. Would love to hear any thoughts on this.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Challenge over

Saturday the first of November the Eat Local Challenge is over. I really feel I did as much as possible to keep local, it sure is a lot of work. Well now that the challenge is over I would say our meals will probably be at least 75% local. We went to a harvest fair on Saturday then Mexican food, I waited all moth for this, Avocados!We ate so much that was it for the day. Sunday am we had eggs and toast late and the leftover chili and cornbread from Friday. We also went and picked up our chickens.. I bought 4 And will separate and freeze packages of parts and Roast one. These chickens make the best gravy. I will chronicle how many meals you can get from one chicken always a great challenge. Now we are in the crunch for craft show production so meals will be simple and posting irregular.