Sunday, June 21, 2009

One Local Summer week 3 2009

This is weeks local meal: Meatloaf the perfect comfort meal with a salad and asparagus and cranberry sauce. All salad ingredients from our yard.Asparagus Halifax 10 miles, cranberry sauce with cranberries from next door neighbor.The meatloaf was made with local grass fed beef from Dufort farm in Rehoboth about 30 miles,homemade ketchup,local eggs, Oats grown in Maine,green pepper from last year and garlic bought local last fall.Salad dressing was local wine vinegar, olive oil and fresh herbs from my garden.Ingredients used not local:Olive Oil, salt,pepper, and sugar.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Week 2 one local summer

Week two of One Local Summer 2009. My definitions of eating local are, 100 mile radius and anything I buy while on vacation. Tonight our meal is a grilled pizza with a salad topping. The whole wheat for the dough was bought in Maine last fall and kept in the freezer. I usually buy 20 lbs a year. The cheese is Atwells Gold (a hard flavorful cheese) from Narragansett Creamery in Rhode Island and a smoked mozzarella from Maplebrook farm in Bennington VT. The topping for the pizza added after the shell with cheese is off the grill is composed of: greens and oregano from back yard, garlic from last fall,red wine vinegar from a local red wine,tomatoes bought at a farm stand in Mattapoisett (greenhouse) a basil mixture from the farmers market.Non local ingredients,olive oil salt and pepper. We also picked strawberries in Mattapoisett this week,bought heavy cream from a local dairy,and bought some local asparagus,we are also picking our own radishes.Pizza is usually my local (lazy meal) when I don't feel creative but the freshness of the salad on the grilled pizza base was really,really good. I will definitely be making this again. The dough is a little chewy and dry with all whole wheat but was very easy to grill compared with crusts I have tried with white flour.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

one local summer week #1

Our first documented local meal for 2009 ols. We had roasted vegetables on Johnny cakes, with a tossed salad. The roasted vegetables: turnips,eggplant,asparagus from wishing stone farm Little Compton RI (approximately 57 miles) and Poblano peppers from last year (frozen) and garlic bought in Maine on vacation last fall. The salad was lettuce and radishes from our yard and cucumber and tomato from wishing stone farm(57 miles) greenhouse grown.The dressing was olive oil and red wine vinegar from a Friends homemade red wine and herbs from the garden. I had defrosted some garlic scape pesto to dress the vegetables but they were to good to cover up.Lastly the johnnycake's make with white flint cornmeal from RI. Salt used was smoked salt from Maine. Not local pepper and olive oil.