Sunday, September 19, 2010

crab cakes

I was lucky enough to get 6 crabs from Danielle (the fishwife) at plymouths farmers market Thursday. I ended up with 1 lb of meat and made 8 lucious crab cakes.We had 4 for dinner with a Salad from the garden and 4 went to the freezer.Danielles crabs were 2$ a piece so 8 large crab cakes only cost 12.00.It would cost me more than that for 2 small cakes in a restaraunt.So our meal last night was at a cost of 6.00 and a few pantry items the salad was from the back yard.It took a little bit of time to pick the crab meat I only do it once or twice a year but it is so worth it.The home made crabcakes are so fresh they really out do any I have had in restaraunts.Joe laughs because I swear I will never do this again while I am picking the crabs, but the next day when I make the crabcakes I always say it was worth it.