Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blueberry picking

Today we went to Dufort farms in Rehoboth  owned byJohn and Carolyn Dufort.We buy our meat from this farm but they also have blueberry picking.We picked 10 lbs.It was a beautiful day to be out after all the high heat we have been having.I lost  my glasses in the bushes and Carolyn  found them for me.John  then gave us directions home to avoid rt 44 rush hour.We came across a car show then found a farm in Myrick Ma ( first time I heard of it) wih beautiful sunflowers.We bought flowers,corn and great tomatoes.What a beautiful way to spend a summer afternoon.We will freeze some berries and I will Make a pie,we made this cocktail when we arrived home.DUFORT SMASH,
Muddle a 1/2 handful berries in a rocks glass, add a Shot of vodka fill to top with lemonade and add a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint and enjoy! Dinner was all local, beets,corn,tomato,potato salad,all produce and eggs from local farms.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Step Back In Time Hearth Cooking Event

Eggs don't get fresher than this!

Narragansett Turkeys

sugar cone


chicken on string

The table set for dinner.

On a recent Saturday night with the temperatures hovering at 30 degrees we visited Coggeshall Farm in Bristol RI for an evening of Hearth cooking and history.We arrived about 3pm and visited with the animals,Sheep,Cows (dairy and beef) chickens,turkeys.We were entertained by one of the farm managers with stories of chicken culture and how they interact.Very comical and informative.We then went on to harvest eggs from a barn full of hay,you walked into the mounds of hay looking for fresh eggs for dinner.Then on to the garden to dig some turnips,and pick up some fallen brush for the fire.We then proceed down to the root cellar where there are barrels and boxes filled with dirt or sand with root vegetables layered in them.We collected carrots and beets.There was also a barrel of brine with hams from a hog butchering class held a few weeks before.They also had slabs of bacon curing in the main room upstairs where we cooked the meal.This building has no power and this whole evening was lighted by 3 or 4 homemade tallow candles. We cooked a chicken on a string.(the chicken was from the farm)boiled root vegetables,Johnnie Cakes on a griddle,a marlborough pie in the dutch oven.We were entertained with vast amounts of history by the two interpreters,Justin Squizzero and Stacy Booth. Everything from the use of forks and knives,you use the fork to stab food and the knife to move the food to your mouth,a challenge indeed,to washing dishes in the dining room after dinner in a barrel with homemade lye soap.We learned about sugar cones and the process involved in Making them and how to use them.This was a truly authentic experience and I highly recommend you make a visit to this small intimate but very informative museum.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey cooked on the fireplace

I was sick on Thanksgiving so we cooked a turkey later in the week.It took about 2 1/2 hours to cook a 12 lb turkey.It was beautifully golden and juicy.I was lazy and cooked the rest of the meal,stuffing,potatoes,squash,carrots rolls and cranberry sauce in the kitchen.I didn't want to over do and relapse.I am becoming more confident and do not feel the need to check on what ever meat I am cooking every 5 minutes.I turn it ever 15 minutes and start checking temperature after about an hour if it starts looking golden.We will soon be going to a hearth cooking dinner at Cogshall farm in Rhode Island where we help harvest and cook the meal.I don't know what we will harvest,maybe some root vegetables,eggs?This will be our third experience hearth cooking with others for a meal.I recommend the experience greatly.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

fireplace cooking

I decided since we got down to a cool 45 degrees the other night I would cook dinner in the fireplace.We had a potato leek soup with some toasted bread and sauted onions.The soup was delicious just potato,onions ,leek,chicken broth and a bay leaf.Then so as not to waste the hot coals an apple pie cooked in the Dutch Oven, and a bean pot of baked beans tucked into the back of the fireplace to cook over night.All came out great except we had to smush down the pie to fit in the dutch oven.I did learn to line the Dutch Oven with tin foil next time because you ruin the seasoning of the pot scrubbing off the over flow of the pie juices.I was really happy with the baked beans they came out perfect.I wasnt sure how that would work.It was a pretty low stress meal for th fireplace.No meat to turn and Pie is supposed to be easier than a cake in the dutch oven.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

stirred curd cheddar

My first cheddar cheese was a farmhouse cheddar that turned into a balloon like science experiment.My second farmhouse cheddar was edible but a little wet and crumbly.I also thought it was a little bitter.Now I like a basic cheddar , colby, gouda or a cows milk feta.I do not like smelly cheeses or Blue cheese.I don't even like yogurt.So why did I take a cheese making class? I saw the class for new england cheesemaking class with Ricki carrol to learn 7 cheese in one day and I saw it as a challenge.I really wanted to make my own cheddar.So yesterday we opened the Stirred curd cheddar and I was happy as a clam.It looked like real cheddar and it smelled like real cheddar but the best was it tasted like real cheddar.This process took a little longer but was well worth it.This cheese aged probably three months in the cellar then it has been in the refrigerator since spring when the temperature in the cellar got to warm to age.So I am glad i kept trying and finally achieved a real cheddar.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

cleaning out the freezer

I am on a quest to clean the freezer out.There is no room.Not for lovely strawberries from the market or corn in season.No room for frozen clams for winter chowder or other summer delights.So i am on a quest to clean them out as creatively as possible.Tonight was lobster and sweet corn fritters with some Coleslaw and some canned three bean salad i put up last summer.Hubby loved the lobster fritters as he does clam fritters. I am not a fan of as i call them seafood donuts.I tried them they were light and fluffy and not fishy but still not a fan.The highlight of the week was a new ice cream recipe I found in a cook book from Canterbury Shaker Village for Lemon Poppy Seed Sour Cream Ice Cream.This is out of this world!You take 2 pints of sour cream add in 1 1/2 cup sugar, 2 Tsp lemon Zest and Juice of three lemons and 2 TBL poppy seeds blend till smooth and put in ice cream maker and follow manufacturers directions.You will love this.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This week we had steamers that hubby dug at Duxbury Beach.Since we had a whole pail we decided to have our annual clam fry with my parents.Fried clams with French fries and cole slaw.If you want the recipe google The clam box Ipswich ma. it is a great recipe.We tried sweet pickle tartar sauce and dill pickle tartar sauce.Dill won. Dessert was a collaboration, brownies,butterscotch coffee cake and rhubarb crisp.We had a frittata for lunch yesterday with local eggs,asparagus and farmhouse cheddar(my first successful batch).The cheese is a little bitter but flavorful and creamy.Also showing a picture of onions.Who can resist the first spring onions of the year.