Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Food Inc Movie at Plymouth Plantation

The movie Food Inc. Is coming to the theater at Plymouth Plantation here is info for anyone in the area.

South Shore Edible magazine will be hosting a special event around the movie FOOD INC. at Plymouth Plantation. I have already seen this movie it is important and a must see. Saturday August 1st and Wednesday August 5, the event will start at 6.00 with vendors before the movie and a discussion after.Tell all your friends.

Check http://www.ediblesouthshore.com/ for more info.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Local Summer Week 8

We had quite a few local meals this week. Monday we had company over for stuffed quahogs made with clams dug by Joe 'local chourico local peppers from freezer and local onions.Bread stuffing from leftovers in the freezer, also a local salad with home grown lettuce local cucumber and carrot. Our dessert was homemade Amish root beer we bought on vacation with vanilla ice cream. We put the root beer down in the cellar when we got home a few weeks ago so the floats finished with a true beer flavor I guess I should of refrigerated it.(live and learn)Last night we had company over for Pizza. The crust was not local I made it with white flour from King Arthur,usually I would use whole wheat from Maine but I have not perfected the WW pizza crust so I did not want to serve it to guests. I did make the mozzarella,onion from our garden tomatoes and peppers from the freezer put up last summer and basil from the yard.We also had a salad from our lettuce and our first tomato and radishes and cucumbers from a farm d own the street. The picture of the clam meal shows the remains since I forgot to take picture till we were done.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

preserving 2009/ dilly beans

Today I canned 5 pints of Dilly beans with my own homegrown green beans. The only other thing I have preserved this year so far are strawberries about 6 quarts and some rhubarb. I went down to the cellar to see what is left from previous years. There are lots of pickles,beets,mustard pickles and corn relish. I will need to make bread and butter pickles and more ketchup and relish. I also will need to can more salsa, it seems a lot of things I can take me about 2 years to finish. I guess from now on I should take count of what is left before I plant so I do not plant more than I need. I also need to get better about using what I have canned.We made a lot of vegetable soup this winter with the veggies I canned and It was delicious.Our nephew gave us two huge chickens he raised this year can't wait to try one.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

One local summer weeek 7

This weeks local meal was one of many. A (bakeover) a recipe from Mary Janes Idea book. This is a meal of ingredients sauteed in a small wok then adding a pie crust or other topping and baking in the oven. I used my first green beans of the year,local summer squash,carrots,corn,onions all bought at farmers market,I also added green peppers and roasted poblano peppers I froze last summer. I added some Mexican spices. For a topping I used a cornbread recipe from a cookbook from the 1920's that does not use white flour. I used cornmeal from the local mill in Plymouth,honey from the back yard, butter salt and baking powder. The cornbread cooked over vegetables was almost custard like. It was real good .As a side dish we had a salad of local grated raw beets and onion,rice wine vinegar and non local orange.
We had a great dinner at a friends this week with almost all ingredients from the local farmers market,fresh salads and seafood on the grill it was delicious. We had a salad of carrots,small turnips grated with a fresh dressing of ginger and rice wine vinegar. A Mexican inspired salad of chopped vegetables(see photo above) .We had clams,shrimp,scallops and fish on the grill and to top it all off a colonial steamed pudding, similar to a brownbread with cranberries with a decadent sauce and lots of local libations. A collaborative effort a great casual summer evening. A good time was had by all I can't remember when I laughed so hard. Hope you all had A great week.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

One local summer week 6

This weeks local meal is littlenecks dug by Joe with some local (fall River) Chorizo and two bean salad with shell beans from the freezer from last year, and green beans from the farm down the street and corn from the same farm. Sorry no picture I totally forgot. We also had local strawberries this week, local beef, salads with all local ingriedients. I used our qhahogs to make stuffed quahogs with local chorizo and onions and peppers, and bread ends from the freezer for a party they were a hit. We saw the new movie Food Inc. this week a definate must see.We ordered a rack to cook clams on the grill so I hope it will be here for a get together we are going
to later in the week.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

One local summer week 5

We missed last week 's one local entry. We were on Vacation in Virginia and Pennsylvania,So we ate a lot of food local to that area since they are a little farther ahead in their season.I will blog more on the vacation later. Tonight we will have a lot of items from PA. since I count anything bought on vacation as local. We are having a PA. grown chicken bought at the wonderful Central Market in downtown Lancaster flavored with rosemary from the garden and garlic bought last fall.. This is supposed to be the oldest farmers market in the country. It was really great and you will see people coming in with their milk bottles for refills. They had a great butcher with free range poultry and grass fed beef, fresh not frozen. We will also have the first corn of the season from Billlingsgate farm in Plympton a few miles away, carrots thinned from my garden and asparagus bought from an Amish farmer on vacation and pickled beets I put up in the fall. Dessert will be grilled peaches also bought at the market in PA.