Sunday, March 29, 2009

failed local meal

For some reason Sunday seems to be the day our meals are the most local, I'm not sure why.Tonight was little neck clams that I had froze in the shell this summer over Spaghetti squash with garlic scape pesto. I now know that you can keep a spaghetti squash in the cellar for 6 months and have it still be edible. But I do not know why I keep eating this vegetable, I just find it really boring even with the garlic scape pesto.The clams were not great, I think in the freezer a little to long. We also had a salad that had a few local components.So the dinner was a bust but i will finish off on a good note, strawberry shortcake with strawberries from last summer, they are delicious.I signed up to take a cheese making course at New England cheese making. I think it will be fun,I have made some mozzarella but out of three times only one was really edible.So i am really looking forward to it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eating local without trying

Tonight dinner was almost all local without even trying. We had meatloaf :hamburger Plato's harvest Middleboro, oatmeal,grown in Maine,green peppers frozen this summer,homemade ketchup.eggs Plympton
all local except spices. Mashed potatoes from RI,green beans canned this summer.Salad was spinach and radishes from RI,our sprouts.Not local:spices,onion,oil,vingar,cucmber.I did not realize what a local meal it was till we sat down to eat it. Saw a great interview on Alice Waters on 60 minutes. I would of missed it except hubby read about it on South Shore Edible's twitter site. Now I can see a reason for Twitter. I would not have known about this if he had not read it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

a local meal in the winter

Last night we had a couple also interested in eating local over for dinner. We had a beef brisket from Simmons farm in RI. We had mashed potato,maple glazed carrots homemade bread,salad(spinach,micro greens,sprouts,radish,tomato,cucumber) apple crisp with homemade ice cream. Everything was local to New England except for cucumber,condiments and flour. We had great conversations on many food related items, and I think we all learned a few things we had not heard of before. We have been out of the habit of having company over for dinner but will be trying to do more of it in the future.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Winter Farmers Mkt Pawtucket Rhode Island

We went to the Winter Farmers mkt in Rhode Island today. We bought chicken and chicken feet for stock,that is a new item for me. We were able to get fresh micro greens, spinach, herbs,carrots,potato's, cabbage, apples, cider,bread. We had lunch there, hubby had jerk chicken with rice, plantains and cabbage and I had a Jamaican meat pie and homemade ginger beer all was outstanding. We also could of had goat curry but neither of us was up to the challenge. The amount of vendors and shoppers was great. This is one hour from us but well worth the trip.Things available that we did not buy were many, beef,seafood,sauces,pesto's,baked goods,fair trade coffee, tea,chocolates,French meat pies,Indian food,cheeses. well worth a visit for any foodie.There was also the extra bonus of a 60 degree day.More photo's at my Flickr site

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Still using it all up, no grocery challenge

Last night was a true New England winter meal. We had clam chowder with quahogs from the freezer and last of the local potatoes, homemade Boston brown bread and cole slaw with 1/2 of my last local cabbage. This morning hubby let me know we are almost out of cereal and the last banana. So today we will make granola and I made some fruit salad from the apples and oranges in the fridge that we never remember to eat. Lunch will be leftover soup and dinner will be chicken and dumplings from the chickens in the freezer that need to be cooked a long time to be edible.