Sunday, November 20, 2011

fireplace cooking

I decided since we got down to a cool 45 degrees the other night I would cook dinner in the fireplace.We had a potato leek soup with some toasted bread and sauted onions.The soup was delicious just potato,onions ,leek,chicken broth and a bay leaf.Then so as not to waste the hot coals an apple pie cooked in the Dutch Oven, and a bean pot of baked beans tucked into the back of the fireplace to cook over night.All came out great except we had to smush down the pie to fit in the dutch oven.I did learn to line the Dutch Oven with tin foil next time because you ruin the seasoning of the pot scrubbing off the over flow of the pie juices.I was really happy with the baked beans they came out perfect.I wasnt sure how that would work.It was a pretty low stress meal for th fireplace.No meat to turn and Pie is supposed to be easier than a cake in the dutch oven.

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